A Simple Introduction to American Politics


This is a simple and general description of American politics. I omit the ifs, ands, and buts, of course, to keep the description simple and broad. Still, it’s disturbing how accurately the policy is portrayed.

We are going to talk about classes. This type of speech, you may be saying, is not appropriate, is not allowed. Hmm. Why? Too rough? Too low ? Too racist? Hmm, again. Such talk has been flooding America since before Trump, but it certainly helped put it on steroids. Maybe the real reason is that by using the idea of ​​classes, we can explain too much. It’s like there’s an 80-20 rule in American politics and our description explains the 80%.

So, let’s jump in.

The WG class of rich/greedy – this class does not include all the rich; just the selfish, who care more about profits than the rest of society. If it increases their profits, then good. And if they have to be “climate killers” to keep profits stable, then so be it. Otherwise, how do I pay for my yacht? What? A few million people will starve or be driven from their homes? Shame.

The middle-class MC class – educated, caring people who want the good things in life for themselves and others. They work, raise a family, wish the world was a better place, and sometimes actively work to make it so.

The Gullible/Poor GP class – the “cognitively challenged” gullible who think with their emotions rather than their mind. If they are religious, they are gullible enough to believe stories like Adam and Eve and the Flood.




Rich / Greedy

Middle class


In a democracy, GTs have a problem: how to make the government work for their interests rather than for the common good of all. GTs are few. How can they elect politicians who vote for their interests rather than the general welfare? By persuading the GP to vote, not for their own benefit, but rather for the benefit of the GT.

Example: who lacks adequate health care? Often the GP. So who is often against universal health care? The generalist.

Example: Who would pay less tax if the working group paid its fair share? The GP (and MC). So who supports tax cuts for the rich? The generalist.

And where do the GP reviews come from? Media (television, television news, Internet). And who controls much of the media content? The GT. In fact, one popular “news” outlet in particular is, barring its name, the official GT Ministry of Truth.

GPs learn to accept what the Ministry of Truth tells them. They consider themselves to be wiser than the average MC person, although they are generally less educated. GPs are generally less educated than MCs, and the WG would like them to stay that way. So education (and educated people) are belittled, schools are underfunded, and books are suppressed, which could lead children to think for themselves, rather than swallow what their politicians say and their clergy. The GP often doubts or dismisses qualified scientists and medical professionals, but swallows what clergy, movie stars and charismatic crooks say without a burp.

Credulity leads many generalists to fundamentalist religion where the Bible is seen as the literal Word of God. Nevertheless, they allow the clergy to tell them what the Bible “really” says. In Matthew 5:33-37, Jesus clearly says “Do not take an oath!” He meant by that that it’s OK to take an oath, the clergy said. OK, tell the gullible. It’s hard to believe my own eyes and think for myself. So, I accept what I am told. Besides, the clergy say, if I doubt it, that a God who loves me will see me tortured forever. Ouch!

Because the MC is generally more educated, they can often see both sides of a complex problem. They can rationally weigh the pros and cons of an issue. In contrast, GPs are generally less educated and ruled by emotion, which means appealing to emotion often wins votes. “If he’s pro-gun, then he has my vote.” “I could never vote for a Liberal; they kill BABIES. Etc.

Here is a list of things that would increase overall well-being. General practitioners need such an increase the most. Still, the list is things that MC usually votes for; but the politicians the GP helped elect voted against it.

  • Better healthcare and more affordable prescription drugs
  • The right to vote for women and blacks.
  • Sounder gun control laws. For example, banning automatic weapons specifically designed for warfare, that is, specifically designed to kill human beings.
  • 40-hour work week; minimum wage; paid holidays, sick leave
  • Protecting the environment, including improving air quality in city centers
  • Legal contraception, abortion
  • Making sure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, which would help ease the tax burden on the rest of us
  • Affordable education, so people can better themselves and the world

The more these policies are implemented, the more the MC and GP gain. So let’s say the GT, let’s pick a burning issue (gun control, abortion) and make emotional appeals to the GP to vote in our interests over theirs. Very easy.

The task force pushes other burning issues worse than the two mentioned. A concern about gun control may stem from a legitimate desire to protect oneself, while opposition to abortion may stem from a legitimate concern for the life of the fetus/baby. But the GT also encourages blind hatred of the “other”, while evoking threat and fear, all framed in terms of self-protection. “The migrants are coming to take your jobs!” “The White Race is being replaced!” “This former prisoner is going to kill your child!”

The Task Force’s worldview—from the angle of daily news to general narratives of freedom, prosperity, and security—is carefully crafted in Task Force-funded think tanks. The task force’s think tanks do the heavy lifting to find the best slant of a potentially damaging story. Example: Insurance denies a handicapped boy an expensive wheelchair, so the local high school robotics club builds him one! How uplifting. It just brightens our day – IF we forget about all the other crippled boys who aren’t so lucky. A story that is effectively an indictment of the poor state of health care in the United States is turned into a heartwarming story about local high school students helping a disabled child.

Recently, the GT courted violent domestic extremists who attempted to violently overturn the results of an election. A sign of desperation? One last breath before the MC takes over and leads the country for the benefit of all? We can dream.

I could go on, but I want it to be short and simple. In short: the task force uses emotional hooks in the media to win the GP vote. Thus are elected politicians who run the country for the benefit of the GT, often at the expense of everyone else, in the United States and around the world.

How much of American politics does this explain? Too many, in my opinion.


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