“Against Progress” by Jessica Silbey



“Against Progress” by Jessica Silbey

Jessica Silbey of Boston University School of Law is the author Against Progress, Intellectual Property and Core Values ​​in the Internet Ageanalyzing contemporary issues around intellectual property and the Internet.

From the publisher:

When first enshrined in the Constitution, intellectual property was intended to facilitate “the progress of science and useful arts” by granting rights to authors and inventors. Today, as rapid technological change is accompanied by growing wealth inequality and political and social divisions, the constitutional goal of “progress” may concern more fundamental human values, redirecting the emphasis from intellectual property on the common good rather than on private interests. Against Progress sees contemporary intellectual property law debates as concerned with the relationship between the constitutional mandate of progress and core values, such as equality, privacy, and distributive justice, which are increasingly challenged. question in the age of the Internet. Following a legal analysis of various intellectual property court cases, Jessica Silbey examines the experiences of everyday creators and innovators navigating ownership, sharing and sustainability within the internet ecosystem and laws. current intellectual property issues. Fundamentally, the book encourages refiguring the substance of “progress” and the function of intellectual property in terms that demonstrate the urgency of art and science for social justice today.

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