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Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, I remember my parents, as do other families across America, listening to the evening TV news and watching presenters like Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, and Chet Huntley. They informed America of the news with straight faces and monotonous voices. There were no personal opinions, no political bias or orientation, just facts. It was up to the American public to decide what they thought of the news, not the media. America trusted these presenters.

Now, with the advent of the computer, the Internet, and social media, anyone and anyone can post their opinions online, and, anyone can set up a website and call themselves one. “Media site”, even if it is not a real “media”. site ”, and express their opinions, whether or not they are based on fact and truth.

Finally, Trump’s attempt to cast doubt on the American media, by portraying them as untrustworthy, has made the media look bad in the eyes of some. From Trump’s early days in power, the media denounced him for all the lies he and his administration told. Trump responded as a typical liar, cheater and criminal would, accusing the accuser, the media, as he tried to divert attention from him for lying, to the media. For the most part, it never worked. But, now we have many politically biased media sites that are bought and paid for by a lot of money. Meanwhile, those of us with brains know the difference between true and false media.


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