American politics and their Hispanic mistress


American politicians profess to love Latinos, and they will say so…silently.

Yet this romance at the advent of the November 2010 midterm elections is proving more troublesome now that the immigration issue is catalyzing voters against it.

Ex-presidential candidate John McCain has now deprived Hispanic voters to the point of disavowing his 2006 immigration reform initiative and blessing Arizona’s ‘attrition by execution’ law SB 1070, which will come into force in July.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “jumping the gun” and announcing that the feds will take legal action to bring down Arizona’s SB 1070.

A welcome announcement indeed, but curiously it was not made to the mainstream media here in America, but to an Ecuadorian journalist on an official visit to South America. Even the Department of Justice was caught off guard.

The June 8 announcement in Ecuador was brought to the attention of the mainstream media and therefore the American public more than a week later by a right-wing political blog “” and now it is widely used cannon fodder to stimulate candidates who rally against “illegal immigrants”.


For the federal government to assert its immigration authority over state and local authorities is an urgent and still largely deferred duty.

Secretary of State Clinton made an announcement intended to reach Latinos in Latin America, but not the American public.

As Hispanic media, we have too often witnessed this pervasive habit of politicians verbally professing to care about Latinos, but only behind closed doors, in small, self-contained environments, out of sight of mainstream media and the American public. .

The reason is very simple, politicians fear public opinion, especially since a majority of Americans polled (58% ABC-Washington Post) expressed support for initiatives such as SB 1070 and others. similar attempts across the United States to eradicate “illegal immigrants”. out of them.

Unfortunately, his bad policy is to do the right thing; Pilates-style handwashing allows a mob to dictate continued “attrition” — aka abuse and persecution — against nonviolent, noncriminal immigrants.


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