American politics boils down to socialists versus capitalists



Welcome to the socialist United States of America. Forget Democrat versus Republican. It is now the Socialist Party (D) and the Capitalist Party (R).

The capitalists want a strong economy where solvent businesses provide jobs so you can work hard to build a better life for your family. Socialists tax corporations, take workers’ money and give it to those who don’t earn it themselves.

If you earn little, you get rent rebates, tax breaks, low-cost or no-cost health care, loans paid off, free money from Governor Tom Wolf, and more. It’s too easy not to work. No wonder companies fail to get people to apply.

If you work hard to earn more, you get no refunds, pay all the medical bills, pay all the taxes, pay more for everything, watch your purchasing power diminish and your savings and investments melt away. How is it for workers or retirees living on a fixed income? Don’t be fooled that it’s because of Russia or the pandemic. In two short years of socialist control, their policies have created this mess. If they keep calling the shots, your financial security will continue to erode.

The Democratic sheep in Congress supported this socialist program by obeying their party pundits and consistently toeing the party line. The only way to stem this downward spiral is to restore a balance between these opposing ideologies in Washington. It’s time to oust the sycophant socialist members of Pennsylvania and help restore the balance that Congress is supposed to have.

jerry boudon


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