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Professor Anne Tucker recently joined an exclusive group of legal professionals when she was elected to the American Law Institute (ALI).

With his election, Tucker will have the chance to work alongside other leading lawyers, judges and law professors on a mission to clarify and modernize the law.

“My scholarship deals with how individuals interact with the law,” Tucker said. “ALI’s reformulations, model codes and legal principles are important and practice-oriented projects. They shape the laws that affect many people.

Tucker, who specializes in corporate law, contracts, institutional investors and legal analysis, teaches in the Legal Analysis and Innovation Initiative. She has published over 20 book chapters and articles in journals such as Harvard Business Law Review, Yale Law Journal: Forum, Journal of Corporate Law and Columbia Business Law Review.

However, she said the chance to help publish the Restatements of the Law, Principles of Law and Model Codes – essential to ALI’s mission – remains a special honor.

“The first time I heard that I was nominated I was surprised and a little skeptical about my qualification,” she said. “It’s certainly nice to be recognized like that, and I see it as a great honor.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back what would have been Tucker’s first spring meetings. However, her corporate law focused group got back to work and Tucker said she was excited to help create a new Restatement regarding corporate law.

“We work with principles of corporate governance,” she said. “A preliminary draft was released in January 2020 and active members will now discuss and revise the draft. Obviously, things changed in the spring, but we are getting back on track.

Tucker joins a distinguished group of current and former Law College professors who have been elected to ALI, including: Mark Budnitz, Anne Emanuel, Marjorie Girth, Marjorie Fine Knowles, Paul Lombardo, Timothy Lytton, Mary Radford, Charity Scott and Acting Dean Leslie Wolf. Tucker’s work with ALI can be found here.

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