“Cheap Speech” by Richard Hasen



“Cheap Speech” by Richard Hasen

Richard L. Hasen of UC Irvine School of Law is the author Cheap talk: how misinformation is poisoning our politics – and how to fix itdiscussing legal and social measures to fight misinformation and support American democracy.

From the publisher:

An informed and practical roadmap to curbing misinformation, embracing free speech, saving the US election, and protecting democracy

“A fresh, persuasive, and deeply disturbing insight into the disastrous and dangerous impact on the nation of fake speech widely circulated on social media. clarity.”—Floyd Abrams, author of The Soul of the First Amendment

What can be done in accordance with the First Amendment to ensure that American voters can make informed electoral decisions and hold free elections amid a flood of viral misinformation and collapsing local reporting? How should American society counter the actions of people like former President Donald J. Trump, who used social media to convince millions of his supporters to doubt the integrity of the US election and helped foment a violent insurgency? What can we do to minimize disinformation campaigns aimed at suppressing voter turnout?

With piercing insight into current debates over free speech, censorship, and the responsibilities of Big Tech, Richard L. Hasen offers legal and social measures to restore Americans’ access to reliable information on which democracy depends. At a time when quack COVID treatments and bizarre QAnon theories have entered the mainstream, this book explains how to ensure both freedom of thought and a commitment to truth.

cheap speech will be released on March 8.

Hasen is the co-director of the Center for Fair Elections and Free Speech at UC Irvine and served as an advisor for ALI’s Principles of Law, Election Administration: Out-of-Precinct Voting and Dispute Resolution to the Counting of Ballots, published in 2019. He is currently Co-Rapporteur for Restatement of the Law Third, Torts: Remedies.

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