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TULSA – The Cherokee Nation Film Office is partnering with the Native American Media Alliance to help increase Indigenous representation in film and television. The collaboration, which includes support from key industry allies and the Motion Picture Association, aims to expand diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry, in front of and behind the cameras.

“With Indigenous people currently representing less than 1% of these occupations, the significant need for diversity, inclusion and accurate representation of Indigenous identity in film and television has remained prevalent since the industry’s early years,” said Jennifer Loren, director of the Cherokee Nation. Film Office and Original Content. “We are honored to continue to work alongside the Barcid Foundation and so many other great supporters to engage, promote and grow Indigenous talent in these industries.”

The Tribe’s Film Office, Netflix, Amazon Studios, WarnerMedia, Snowpants Productions, and Kung Fu Monkey Productions have teamed up to support the Native American Media Alliance and its television and feature film labs, workshops, and seminars.

The initiative helps Native Americans break into the entertainment and new media professions, while protecting Native Americans already employed in these industries. NAMA and its partner agencies ensure fair and accurate portrayals of Native America by elevating and amplifying the authentic voices of Indigenous peoples and organizations.

“We are honored to join each of our partners in our efforts to continually develop and deliver new ways to support our artists,” said Ian Skorodin, Chief Strategy Officer of the Native American Media Alliance. “We have a talented community that needs exposure, access and opportunity. Our programming helps put more Native American voices in front of the right people who can develop their content and build their careers.

Throughout the year, NAMA presents programming focused specifically on creating and expanding access for native people interested in film and television. The alliance recently selected 12 fellows for the 7th Annual Native American Television Writers Lab, which consists of daily workshops, seminars and one-on-one mentorship to help screenwriters develop a pilot project and hone the writing skills of the staff.

Additionally, applications for this summer’s 2nd Annual Native American Writers‘ Seminar are open. The month-long intensive will include several writing workshops, as well as individual and group mentoring sessions focused on developing existing scripts and preparing submissions for writing grants.

The Native American Media Alliance is a grassroots organization that advocates for the representation of Native Americans in the entertainment industry. NAMA functions as a resource for industry personnel to work with Native Americans who have an authentic voice for film, television and new media.

NAMA is a project of the Barcid Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on multimedia programming in Indigenous communities. For more information or to submit an application for upcoming programs, visit


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