China’s best allies: the American media

Some things are just plain wrong.

So, as we all know, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is causing a stir in the national media and in China. China threatens something and the administration says calm down. I’m not a political expert by far, but I can’t believe there wasn’t coordination between Pelosi and Pres. Biden. China may not yet understand what happened when global terrorist Putin committed the war crime of invading Ukraine.

The NYT: Live Updates: Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan, Setting Up a High-Stakes Showdown with China The trip, the highest-level US visit to the island since 1997, comes amid serious objections from Beijing. Oooooh, Beijing has serious objections. Yeah, so did sane people about your treatment of Uyghurs, i.e. genocide.

WaPo: Pelosi lands in Taiwan, defying Chinese warnings of forceful response. What forceful response? Will they kill her? Increase the sanctions somehow that already exist, with TFG tariffs that fuck their economy? Remove the spies from their embassy?

Honestly, I don’t know the “game” being played here, but I do know that I trust President Pelosi in Taiwan more than a group of GQPers in Moscow on July 4th.

Smarter people reside here at DKos, so I’m interested in your opinions. Also, never buy flavored Jameson. It is a double mortal sin.


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