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Regarding the nonsense of the British royal family: I cannot understand how this is interesting to anyone in this country. Our ancestors literally waged a war to get rid of royalty and put the normal person on an equal footing with royalty.

We have some big news going on in the United States as I type this, but the royals apparently get more coverage than anything else.

How does this win out over our border crisis? How does he get more attention than the sexual assault and sexual harassment charges against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

I believe the purpose of the mainstream media is to keep you as a follower interested in what they have to say. And, in my opinion, the lies are not above the media. In my opinion, this is also not taking away someone’s livelihood in the name of a false story.

So how do you know what is real and what is not? You watch both sides, you see what they are both saying, and then you analyze the problem using your own common sense. Looking only one side will surprise you! – unilateral.

Try to be in the know, rather than “know biased”; you will find it much easier to understand.

And please, for God’s sake, stop being a Republican, or a Democrat, or a hyphenated American – just be an American. Stop being labeled by the news media; stop letting them divide us.

Eric Zelt

Canton of Clay


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