Crying costs you more in the American health care system


A now viral tweet from a Twitter user via @mxmclain provides a new but not at all surprising glimpse into the U.S. healthcare system: Surgery is expensive, but crying is more.

The photo of what appears to be an invoice for mole removal also includes a small charge for “brief emotion”. And while the idea of ​​a $ 11 fee for crying in the presence of a doctor wouldn’t shock anyone who has seen what US hospitals and insurance companies charge patients, the reality is no less damning for it. completely faulty system.

It seems that the charge is not really to express an emotion, but to assess it. Other Twitter users who responded to the post provided the actual medical billing code, which is used for a “brief emotional / behavioral assessment” (presumably abbreviated as “brief emotion”). It applies to mental health screening as part of a standard clinical reception. It varies depending on the insurance company, but it appears that healthcare professionals can use the billing code up to four times a year, per patient, but also two to four times. per visit.

At least one physician mental health resource site specifically categorizes the rating code as a means of generating income.

“If a patient needs four different screens, it will cost $ 24 per patient per visit,” Mentegram writes. “Can you see how this missed income can really add up? “

It’s great that the focus is more on screening for mental health issues during physical health exams, but as @mxmclain said News week, “If it’s that important, it should be fully insured.

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