David Cronenberg thinks US politics is ‘completely crazy’


As women in the United States see their rights to safe abortions, access to reproductive health services and contraceptives slowly taken away by governors of red states, a recent leak revealed that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court could overrule Roe vs. Wade, ending the law. Abortion. It is therefore perhaps appropriate that David Cronenbergthe new movie”Future Crimesexplores bodies and how we perceive property, which has been seen as political commentary on modern topics.

However, while speaking with Deadline, the Canadian filmmaker was quick to point out that he wrote the film decades ago and well before Trump’s era. Cronenberg also said that all art is political, regardless of its intent or when it was created.

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” I wrote [‘Crimes of The Future’] 20 years ago, but you can feel it happening, this kind of oppressive ownership and control,” the filmmaker said of how the rights issues over his body against the governments in power have not gone away. “It’s a constant in history: there is a kind of government that wants to control its population and that wants to say again, the body is reality.”

“Film isn’t overtly political,” Cronenberg continued, “But for me, all art is political or inherently political. It’s an expression of culture, context and intellect, a very specific, so in that sense it’s political, whether the creator of the work is aware of it or not.

The topic of abortion politics and rights led Cronenberg to remark on the current environment in the United States, alluding to it, mirroring some authoritarian elements of Putin’s Russia.

“In Canada, and I said this recently, we think everyone in the United States is completely crazy, I think the United States has gone absolutely crazy, and I can’t believe what the elected officials are saying, not just about Roe versus Wade. , so it’s a strange time… We talk about Putin and the invasion of Ukraine, but then, south of the Canadian border, we feel eerily similar vibes,” the filmmaker said.

It should be noted that even though Cronenberg resides in the cosmopolitan Toronto area, his very level-headed mentality does not represent the whole of Canada. The country has its own wacky group of conservative and nationalist Canadians who wholeheartedly agree with similar Trump/MAGA talking points. Even a major party, the Conservative Party of Canada, had several MPs who first supported blockades of truck convoys at the Ottawa-Alberta border over the winter until the government federal intervenes to remove them. This group was primarily led by anti-government agitators funded by millions of US dollars sent in using crowdsourcing apps.

“Crimes of The Future” did very well at the Cannes Film Festival, earning a solid standing ovation. The film will be released by NEON in the country on June 8.


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