Donald Trump himself resigns from his membership in the American media union


Donald Trump did not wait for the outcome of an investigation into his possible expulsion from the entertainment union SAG-AFTRA. The former president of the United States canceled his membership on Thursday.

Trump, 74, was in the league because of his past schedule The apprentice produced and presented, and played roles in films, among others Alone at home in The little rascals. He broke his own style with SAG-AFTRA, notably “Who cares! to write about the League’s investigation of its actions before the Capitol Assault.

In his letter, addressed to Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAG-AFTRA, he said he was not familiar with his work in Hollywood but was very proud of his own accomplishments in this area. He ended the letter with: “You haven’t done anything for me.

Carteris said last month that the union was investigating Trump, saying, “Donald Trump has attacked the values ​​our union considers sacred: democracy, truth, respect for Americans of all races and creeds, and the sacred institution from America. There is a direct link between his open denial of the truth and the attacks on journalists perpetrated by his supporters. “

The union released a very brief statement on Thursday after the former president was deregistered. Carteris and his colleague David White just said, “Thank you”.


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