Elon Musk on US Politics, Mars Laws and Being Canadian at Heart


Tesla, Inc. TSLA CEO Elon Musk- including the acquisition of Twitter, Inc. TWTR appears to be on thin ice – briefly turned his attention to politics on Thursday.

The United States, like many countries around the world, has become more divided in recent years, battling over issues ranging from gun control to abortion rights. Former president donald trump seemed to both revel in and amplify the division and the president Joe Biden had little effect on any attempt to remedy the situation.

Political direction: “A party more moderate on all issues than the Representatives or the Democrats would be ideal,” Musk said. said on Twitter. He added, “That’s what most people in America want, but unfortunately it’s not realistic.”

This is somewhat the case in Canada, where five major political parties vie for control of the federal government every four years. One of the Musks followers used that fact to bridge Musk’s thoughts on America’s two-party system and the South African’s two-year stay in Canada: “Ah, see…you’re still a Canadian at heart!” to which Musk replied, “That’s right haha.

Although Musk may not be able to change the political system in the United States, he plans to tackle what he thinks is the division on Twitter caused by his algorithm, which he says should be open source in order to to eliminate prejudice. Musk has always been a strong supporter of the “cancel culture,” which he says is rampant on Twitter and other social media apps, even vying as a future CEO to reinstate Trump’s account.

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Pivot to Mars: Musk’s flurry of mini-tweets about US politics has at least one of his followers wondering why the billionaire is choosing to become a target for Democrats by becoming politically active and creating controversy. Musk replied that unless the “awakened mind virus” is stopped, civilization will be destroyed before it even reaches Mars.

Musk, who for years had ambitions to colonize Mars, also took the time to weigh in on how he would like the planet’s political system to work. “I suggest that there be no parties and that the direct vote by the people of concise laws that everyone can understand”, he said.


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