Great American Media announces 15 new shows from stars like Danica McKellar and Trevor Donovan


Posted: August 18, 2022

Photo from Danica McKellar’s Instagram

Great American Media announces 15 new shows from stars like Danica McKellar and Trevor Donovan

By Movieguide® Contributor

Great American Media just announced what users can expect from their next app, Great American Community: 15 original short series that feature famous faces like Danica McKellar, Trevor Donovan, and Jill Wagner.

“We’re thrilled to launch Great American Community with fifteen new, always-on series that are timely, relatable, and hosted by our growing family of recognizable talent,” said Great American Media President and CEO Bill Abbott. in a statement on the new platform. .

“This new platform represents a significant evolution of the company’s digital strategy and provides our passionate fans with a fun and engaging new way to interact with our stars in a trusted, family-friendly environment, 365 days a year.” he continued.

On the day of the launch of the application, episodes of the 15 new series will be available and new episodes will be broadcast throughout the year.

The shows will feature “fresh advice and inspirational stories from each host.”

Variety share synopsis of new shows, including:

“Pieces of Joy with Danica McKellar” (Monday and Thursday)

Beloved actresses Danica McKellar bring her positivity and love for helping others to this series, sharing “Bible Bits, Healthy Bits, and Math Bits.”

“Farm and Family with Jill Wagner” (Wednesdays and Sundays)

Actress Jill Wagner shares insight into her life at home on the Nashville farm, including her workouts, family time, and “soulful Sundays.”

“Daily Adventures with Trevor Donovan” (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Fan favorite Trevor Donovan gives fans a glimpse into his joys of everyday life, including different adventures and his love for dogs.

“Beauty and Blessings with Kym Douglas” (Wednesdays and Sundays)

On her show, Kym Douglas will share beauty and skincare tips, fashion tips, and inspirational encouragement to feel your most beautiful on the inside.

Movieguide® previously reported on the launch of Great American Community:

Former Hallmark Channel CEO Bill Abbott has announced a renaming of its family-oriented slate as GAC Family becomes Great American Family.

GAC Media also announced additional changes to its three other main outlets, which will be known as Great American Living, Great American Adventures and Great American Community, starting next month.

Great American Adventures will be a free, ad-supported streaming channel. Great American Community is an upcoming direct-to-consumer app.

GAC Media will however remain the legal name of the company.

“As the company expands into different media verticals, renaming our linear networks Great American Family and Great American Living better reflects our vision for each brand and firmly aligns the company under our new Great American Media umbrella,” said said Abbott. said change. “Fans can expect more of the same quality family-friendly programming they love from our channels, and we look forward to rolling out the new names this summer in time for the return of our original movie premieres.”

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