Hillary Clinton – the grandmother of American politics?


Trying to break through the dense fog of predictions and disappointments with, believe me, important information. It seemed to everyone that Hillary Clinton – the wife of the former US president, the former US secretary of state, the former US presidential candidate – is like that, trash, grandmother (with Pelosi) of American politics? But no. Now, the American political community has again clashed and the press is gradually filled with scandals concerning Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Here’s why.

She recently said that she still dreams of becoming President of the United States. There are several reasons and possibilities. First, the total collapse of all American conditions: economic, financial, social, infrastructural. And the current US President Joseph Biden is to blame for all of this, as you well understood. A strong replacement is needed at a time when current Vice President Kamala Harris has gone bankrupt. In general, a chip won back.

Second, the declining authority of Democratic candidates in November’s midterm elections at all levels (including governors and prosecutors, etc.). Many tabloids and their leading pundits say Democrats will have to “drain the water” in November. In other words, they will certainly lose their majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, as well as a number of seats of governor. And without that condition, Biden simply cannot survive. Clinton started writing and saying everywhere that she would personally support this and that. She even threatens to travel the states to support the Democratic candidates. This week, she will speak at the Democratic National Convention.

Third, the “Washington swamp” does not have too wide and reliable rating circle, predictable politicians. Like I said, Harris is not an option. And there are not so many powerful, stunned by desire, by the arrogance of actions, by the defiance of the Democratic candidates. And those who are, do not inspire. So they think, maybe they can turn to “old”.

Finally, in full growth, a terrible danger looms before the powerful of the world: Trump is back! And how: time. Not only is he “destroying” Biden and the Democrats, but he’s getting his old “America is Back!” concept. Moreover, you will not believe it, but now, not yet in the middle of an electoral battle, it brings together tens of thousands of supporters at rallies, as was the case, for example, in Arizona.

And, not only does he “finish off sleeping Joe”, but he offers new insights, analyzes international events with bite almost every day and assesses them not in favor of the American administration.

It’s so forceful, epic, and precisely hitting the mark, it’s that even Democrat-minded magistrates are increasingly looking to “release the brakes” quickly on cases against Trump, his family, and his company. And recently a number of outlets, of course, primarily Fox News, have started digging under the former Clinton.

Of course, she probably retained all those specific qualities inherent in a politician of the highest echelon. She is quite educated, has extensive political experience, including in the White House. Clinton personally knows and has some connections with America’s political elite, including representatives of what Trump has called the “Washington swamp”. And besides, she has not completely lost contact with international political figures.

She is quite determined and firm. Biographers recalled how she drove around the White House and beat her husband for his love affairs. Those same qualities were vividly confirmed shortly after the 2016 election, when reports spread through the media of how she cynically and viciously “weaved sandals” for fellow presidential candidate Benny Sanders. Thus, a certain number of qualities inherent and necessary in an American president cannot be taken away from Mrs. Clinton. Yes, and a young woman by American standards – she will only be 75 in October and 77 in the 2024 presidential election.

And some experts think a comeback is possible. “She is loved by senior members of the Democratic Party and her popularity is likely higher than that of President Biden,” a person familiar with the arrangement told the publication. “It’s good for her because she stays relevant and her look is probably meant to liven up the party and the crowd.”

What is missing for the nomination of a presidential candidate? First, before launching a campaign to retire old Joe, Mrs. Clinton must convince those around her and the American public of optimal health. Doubts about his health arose for a long time. Seasoned readers remember how madly, enthusiastically and for a long time she laughed when shown a video where an angry mob torments the lifeless and bloody body of Muammar Gaddafi. Laughs, and obviously irrelevant, she blurted out (like current Vice President Harris & # 8212;) in the election debate with Trump (and later), which has many observers talking about the need to verify his mental health.8212; p>

And then, on several occasions, even during the long pre-election laps, she lost her balance, her orientation and fell, which forced the environment to pick her up and put her on the bus. Later (already after the elections), in order to brighten up the situation, they spoke of a temporary evil. Clinton even appeared in public in a wheelchair. But then she seemed to get better and started talking and “proclaiming” in her famously loud, raspy voice.

Including, and about the unsatisfying mission of “Joe” and the desire to run for the presidency of America. True, here she apparently “led” again. On American TV screens, she suddenly reappeared in a strange way. With tears in her eyes and in her voice, she seemed to communicate with her mother and remembered how “my mother wanted me to become president of the United States”.

To my surprise (although I’ve gotten used to a lot of things in American politics over the past fifty years), the “talking with my mother” nonsense turned out to be political nonsense for the voters. For almost six months now, the number of articles in the American tabloids has been steadily increasing, in which, first pretending to be harmful, then talking seriously about a possible Clinton presidency.

It’s not only and not so much about his health, look deeper. Apparently, not everyone liked Clinton’s idea of ​​political deja vu. Someone does not accept it, someone is afraid of it. And in the political elite, including among the Democrats, zealous and influential politicians have emerged who oppose it. In the United States, a trial opens where Hillary Clinton could turn out to be almost a criminal defendant. The trial in which Trump was accused of having ties to Moscow, and in which he was effectively acquitted, is suddenly turning against its initiators, including Mrs. Clinton.

It is “a sensational trial by special counsel John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russian investigation”, recalls Fox News. “The document was filed in connection with a case against Michael Sussman, a Clinton campaign attorney who has previously been charged with perjury at the FBI. Sussman told the office he was not representing his client when he spoke about alleged secret ties between Trump’s circle and the Russian bank. However, as Durham discovered, the attorney was representing the Clinton campaign at the time,” writes The Washington Times.

In other words, a document filed in court by Special Counsel D. Durham on February 12 alleges that the Clinton campaign paid a computer company to infiltrate the servers of Trump Tower, the White House and the Trump complex. Trump Central Park West apartments and find them. incriminating evidence that would link the president to Russia. The goal was “to establish a ‘conclusion’ and a ‘narrative’ linking then-candidate Trump to the Kremlin.” It should be emphasized that even for such a person as H. Clinton, such accusations are heavy and can turn not only into public condemnation.

D. Trump himself points out that he was thus followed not only during the election campaign, but also during the days of his presidency. “This is a scandal that far exceeds Watergate in scope and significance. And those who participated in it and were aware of this espionage activity must be prosecuted. In stronger times for our country, such crime would be punishable by death,” he said.

As expected, the media working for the “Washington swamp” carefully conceal the high-profile affair. While the evening news on ABC, CBS and NBC alone spent 2,634 minutes covering the two-year investigation into alleged Russian collusion at the time of Trump’s Kremlin exposure, they are now ignoring the investigation from Durham, with some stations reporting 2-3 minutes per night, Fox News notes.

But in America, they forgot for a moment that there are powerful social networks. The essence and course of the investigation quickly spread among politically active Americans. It’s significant in that among people who don’t identify with any party, the number of people demanding to bring Clinton to justice has risen from 65% to 74% (in four months).

However, for those who give up: they say, who will listen to them there, I will give the most brilliant fact. “A January poll by the Institute for Policy Studies at the TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics showed that 66% of Democrats favor questioning Clinton. The figure is up 22% since last October, when the institute asked the same question. And they are Democrats! And they are the ones who will have to vote in the primaries if Clinton still runs for president.

That is, if they fail to smear and gossip the investigation, and the old woman will have a slight fright, all the same, the sediment will remain in society. And you will have to “hard to get a hippo out of the swamp”. Although what kind of liars and scoundrels who started wars in Korea and Vietnam, in Afghanistan and Libya, in Iraq and Syria, which flooded all of North Africa with the blood of the “Arab Spring” , have been elected (and some more than once) in America? ?!!! And this too can pass.

Many human communities make such political decisions as it takes the mind. Although they themselves suffer from it. There are plenty of examples of this wherever you throw it.


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