Lots of work needed to fix America’s healthcare system – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM


We agree that this is a problem, but not how to fix it. A new poll reveals deep dissatisfaction with America’s health care system, but very different views on how it should be changed. The poll by the Associated Press and the Center for Public Affairs Research found that public satisfaction with the US healthcare system is remarkably low. Less than half of Americans say the system works well. Only 12% say it is very or extremely well managed. And it gets worse. The public gives even lower marks for prescription drug costs, care for the elderly and how we treat those with mental health issues. Only 6% say these issues are handled very well. We are fortunate in our region to have quality medical care available in local institutions. But it is unnecessarily complex. Insurance appears to be a key issue. We have no idea what our insurance companies will cover if we need medical attention long after the bill arrives. Medicines are extremely expensive, with the costs of common medicines such as those for treating diabetes being much higher in this country than elsewhere. And don’t forget those $600 Epi-pens. It seems that when it comes to health care, the supposedly greatest country on Earth seems to need a lot of improvements.


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