Mayawati concerned about anti-Indian campaign in US media


Bahujan Samaj party leader Mayawati on Sunday said he was concerned about an anti-Indian campaign appearing in US newspapers.

Apart from this, she has targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party government over negative reports from global organizations including the India Hunger Index. Mayawati said there was a need to refute these reports as well as resolve them.

The state and central government must work with the right intention and the right policy, she said.

The former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh attacked central and state governments by tweeting on Sunday. Mayawati expressed concern over the lack of foreign exchange reserves, negative reports on India’s position in the economy and the hunger index.

Mayawati said: “The continued devaluation of the rupee, shrinking foreign exchange reserves, creaking economy, low hunger index, including negative reports on India by global organizations, anti- Indian stories in American newspapers, etc. were creating disturbing situations, which must be refuted. Not only that, but the right solution is also needed.”

Mayawati said in his second tweet, “Baba Saheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar’s Welfare, Egalitarian and Humanistic Indian Constitution is still great for the world despite how India’s global image is affected. It is a matter of sadness and concern. governments must work with the right intention and the right policy.”

According to a recently released report by the Global Hunger Index, India is ranked 107th out of 121 countries. The central government rejected this report. The government said the Global Hunger Index measurement was flawed because it had several serious methodological problems.

In 2021, India was ranked 101.


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