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Prisa Media, Clarin (Argentina), Trade (Peru), Milénio/Multimedia (Mexico) and time (Colombia) have joined forces to launch +MAS Audiences, an innovative programmatic advertising platform that connects advertisers to the US Hispanic market. The initiative brings together the world’s leading Spanish-speaking news media groups with the common goal of revolutionizing the US advertising market.

This agreement is another testament to PRISA Media’s commitment to growing in the United States and comes after the recent appointment of Juan Varela to oversee its operations in the country and the recently announced strategic alliance with iHeartMedia to integrate the services of streaming from PRISA Media radio networks. in the iHeartRadio catalog.

A single platform

PRISA Media is now focusing on the new avenues opened up by technology in the advertising market with the creation of +MAS Audiences. This innovative platform enables a range of programmatic advertising buying models in a seamless, data-driven and personalized way based on each client’s needs.

With a reach of over 19 million unique users, +MAS Audiences will market its digital media assets, both general and specialized, covering a wide range of reader and advertiser interests. The alliance’s portfolio will include large audience and widely recognized websites, such as As, SER padlock, Channel 13, Clarin, Trade, EL PAÍS, time, Depor, FutbolRed, Management, Los40, MedioTiempo, Milenio, Multimedia, Olé, Portafolio, Radio Caracol, Newscast, TodoNoticias, Trome and W-Radioamong many others.

All +MAS Consortium websites are distinguished by their original and quality content, which means that advertisers will benefit from direct access to sites that are highly appreciated by the public.

Carlos Núñez, Executive Chairman of PRISA Media, said: “With the operational support of the associated teams and the coordination of Grupo Prisa, +MAS Audiences represents a revolution in programmatic advertising targeting Latino audiences in the United States. In a market shaped by the intermediation of agents who fail to add value to the process, +MAS connects publishers directly with agencies and advertisers who truly understand the importance of connecting with Hispanic audiences. . »

For Héctor Aranda, CEO of Grupo Clarín, the media leader in Argentina, “+MAS Audiences is a strategic initiative to better serve our readers in the United States“.

Meanwhile, Mariano Nejamkis, CEO of Grupo El Comercio, a leader in Peru, said “media in the region has a large Spanish-speaking audience in the United States and this initiative will allow us to better connect with them.”

Angel Cong, CEO of Grupo Milenio/Multimedios, one of Mexico’s leading media companies, added, “This alliance of major Spanish-language media will provide advertisers targeting Hispanic Americans with a clear and direct way to reach this audience. via original, high-quality websites -quality content.

For the Chief Digital Officer of El Tiempo Casa Editorial de Colombia, Diego Vallejo: “+MAS Audiences will enable advertisers in the American market to have the greatest possible reach among Hispanic audiences, in a secure environment that provides premium content from very strong and reputable brands.This is something that would be impossible to match by any single network or publisher acting alone.

In short, +MAS Audiences is a project that will provide access to Hispanic audiences both programmatically and transparently, without intermediaries and through the highest quality inventory. He will be overseen by PRISA’s US media sales team, led by Juan Varela, who will coordinate with the other alliance media heads.

About PRISA Media

PRISA Media is the business unit that brings together all the information and entertainment media of the Spanish company. With a clear international vocation, it is the leading media company in the Spanish-speaking world. The group operates industry-leading brands and titles such as EL PAÍS, AS, Cinco Días, Cadena SER, LOS40, Cadena DIAL, Radio Caracol, W Radio, ADN Radio and HuffPostamong others.


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