New Class: African-American Politics Comes to Chesapeake College


WYE MILLS, Md. — Chesapeake College students will have the opportunity to join a new class as part of their diversity credit requirement for graduation.

The class is called African American Politics taught by Adjunct Professor Kisha Petticolas. With a background in politics, she wants her students to understand how politics surrounding African Americans has been different because of history. Students will learn about major movement characters, such as Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Gloria Richardson, Donna King, Coretta Scott King, and more.

Petticolas says the class is designed to give students a look at politics through a new lens. “I want my students to understand the constitution and how that has played a role in things of a political nature regarding African Americans and how what was once legal is now illegal and how that continues to be a problem,” says- she. Petticolas has the final project underway, which has students create a platform for an imaginary party and compare history to where we are now, and from there decide what changes to make. .

Petticolas wants students to understand that politics plays a role in everyone’s life. Ultimately, students will discover the history of how we got here and the mechanisms needed to bring about change in the future. She hopes students will understand that they have a responsibility to be involved and informed.

Petticolas tells us she’s thrilled the school decided to bring the class back after 10 years. Chesapeake College has worked hard on diversity, equity and inclusion, this is the beginning. The class is open for spring 2022 enrollment.


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