Opinion: January 6, one of the darkest days in American politics


Twelve and six years ago, our ancestors took a solemn oath and pledged their lives to protect this new nation from threats to government, both foreign and domestic.

America is approaching the first anniversary of the insurrection against the United States government. A date when a mob of misguided citizens marched on the United States Capitol and violently defeated law enforcement, who were there to protect our duly elected representatives in Congress, attempting to overturn the certification of our presidential election and the transfer of power from the highest office in our country. , executing the first and only fortunately unsuccessful coup attempt in US history.

Terrorists need not come from foreign soil, as the events of last January show. Domestic terrorism comes with the face of those who see themselves as the only truth in authority, ignoring the tens of millions of citizens who won the vote for change in the leadership of our country.

What happened to our nation that we lost the respect to honor the duly elected? The person you vote for may not be the winner of an election every time. There will be a possibility to vote again in the future.

How degrading to the history of our country as the former president’s supporters continue to trivialize and deny the brutal violence this mob descended on the Capitol in an unlawful attempt to subvert the will of the American people.

The truth must never be forgotten even as misinformation and distortion of facts continue to trivialize the horrific events of that day.

January 6 is certainly one of the darkest days of our democracy. We must resist the lingering political issues that threaten to tear us apart, and then work to find common ground to pursue for the good of all. From there, our country will survive and grow.

I will remember that day as the failed attempt by domestic terrorists to overthrow our government. But at the end of that day, American democracy remained and our 246-year-old United States Constitution won.

Virginia Webb



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