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This encore season of the riveting event of the crucifixion includes the confrontation between Pilate squirming under the pressure of the crowd and the fearless Christ with unaltered poise. Questioned by Pilate, Jesus said: “I came into the world to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.

“What is the truth? » asked Pilate. Truth took a back seat as he turned to the crowd instead and granted them their depraved wish to overthrow justice.

You don’t have to go to the extremely lax southern border brimming with Fentanyl or to cities with skyrocketing murder rates or arrogant downtowns where “crush and grab” thugs ransack stores in broad daylight to witness the crisis. It erupted recently at Yale. No mob has illegally entered a building, engaged in a shooting, or smashed the windows of any fancy on-campus residence. It happened in a large hall at his law school. Furious that a conservative speaker had the chance to take part in a debate when he had a liberal counterpart, the law students hurled insults, shouted obscenities and shouted “wake up” slogans so abusive and disruptive that both speakers were escorted by police out of the building. The unruly brat “wake up” indignation was not condemned and disciplined, but accommodated and rewarded.

Moderator of the canceled debate, Kate Stith, a professor at Yale Law School a few weeks later, reflecting remorsefully, remarked: “Law schools are in crisis. The truth doesn’t matter. The game is to signal one’s virtue.

If she is right, then the content of education in American law schools is nothing more than a simple game and the substance and meaning of law and order, justice and truth are pitifully relegated to a trivial pathetic quest. By contrast, the Bible in no way diminishes their relevance, position and priority.

Until the truth counts, the law is to be taken. Until truth reigns, mob justice reigns. Until truth counts, chaos controls. Yale Law School models Pilate, at best and at worst, models the crowd. Yale originally trained pastors. Now it’s training “Pilates” or if “lipstick on a pig” is preferred: signallers of virtue. Pilate, at least, had enough interest to ask: “What is the truth? » Yale doesn’t seem to care enough to even ask the question. Pilate bowed down to the crowd and Yale followed suit. Jesus said, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” Yale goes offline. Siding with the truth agrees with Christ.

Reverend Mel McGinnis is a resident of Frewsburg.

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