“Qanon Caucus” against “Jihad Squad”: US policy digs new depths amid female firefights


WASHINTON: When it comes to political scrapes, America hasn’t seen anything like it. When the last electoral cycle resulted in the election of a record 144 women legislators out of the 535 members of the US legislature, comprising nearly 27% of representatives and senators in Congress, it was seen as a pivotal moment. in the history of the nation, topped by the election of the country’s first female vice-president. Instead, it had escalated into a vicious cat fight highlighting the deep political and racial schism in the country.
The horrific row, which has been brewing for months now after women lawmakers were elected to the most extreme and radical fringe of the Republican and Democratic parties, exploded into the public domain this week when recordings of GOP MP Lauren Boebert , a self-confessed gun-lover Christian, suggesting that her Democratic opponent Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, is an anti-American terrorist who wants to destroy the United States.
In two video clips, Boebert is seen recounting incidents where she meets Ilhan Omar in the elevators of the Capitol and says that she must have reassured others around her that since Omar was not wearing a backpack and that he would drop it and run, that was sure – a bit of a disguised reference to suicide bombers. Boebert also refers to Omar, who is of Somali descent, as a member of the “jihad squad” – another reference to the radical left Democratic lawmakers who are not all white and are simply referred to as “the squad. “.
An enraged Omar and his teammates went on the offensive, demanding that the House leadership, currently under Democratic control, act against Boebert for engaging in Islamophobia and hate speech. On Monday, Boebert said she phoned Omar to apologize for his remarks, but was turned away after a heated argument when Omar insisted she apologize publicly and she said that she wouldn’t. Omar, she said, hung up on him.
In the midst of a flock of who said what and when Omar played a recording of a voicemail message on Tuesday that she says she received shortly after Boebert’s call. In the post, a man is heard calling Omar a “traitor to the king” and a “black sand bitch” whose kind is trying to take over America and who deserves to be killed.
“Normalizing this bigotry puts not only my life in danger, but that of all Muslims. Anti-Muslim bigotry has no place in Congress, ”Omar said in a series of tweets and statements following the death threat.
Boebert, a Trump loyalist and gun enthusiast, isn’t backing down. “I will fearlessly continue to put America first, never sympathizing with the terrorists. Unfortunately, Ilhan cannot say the same and our country is doing even worse,” she said in a statement implicitly suggesting that Omar was a terrorist sympathizer.
Boebert’s Twitter profile photo shows an image of (presumably) his hip with a gun in a holster and a sign with the number 45, a reference to loyalty to Trump. “The left has launched unprecedented attacks on me in recent weeks. They are trying to stop me from being your voice! I will not back down,” Boebert said in a tweet, asking for donations of $ 17.76, a reference to the independence of America. intended to support his claims to patriotism.

As if that junk wasn’t vicious enough, enter Donald Trump. On Tuesday, the former president released a statement which read: “MP Ilhan Omar should apologize for marrying her brother, committing large-scale electoral and immigration fraud, wishing Israel death.” and for essentially abandoning her old country, which didn’t even have a government, exactly what she would like to see for the United States. ”
The statement echoes allegations in right-wing conspiracy circles that Omar married his own brother to gain permanent residence in the United States, a charge she denied.


Omar found strong support from his fellow team members. “I stand with my sister @IlhanMN and all those outraged by the Islamophobia that Boebert, Taylor Green and – by his silence @GOPLeader sparked and blessed. And America deserves better than a GOP that has lost all sense of right and wrong, ”said Washington MP Pramila Jayapal.


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