Restoring Hope in American Politics


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American Politics has gone through many turmoil. Although our political debate isn’t as tense as the politicalchaos which was common during the war or that of the CivilRights movement, they are more divided in their manner in civilized ways than at any time in the recent past.

Due to the ever-growing ideological divide that exists in the political spectrum between Republicans and Democrats and also the rapid rise of politically oriented and partisan The majority of Americans more than ever are adopting more extreme views regarding everything from gun control immigrationlaws, to environmental and climate questions. This extreme position is not a good start, and if not addressed, will restrict any discussion that could be meaningful in America. United tates, was a fundamental part of our democratic system.

Every US Citizen can participate with a healthy and healthy discussion about politics participating in a spirit that is public service, while maintaining the commonsense of our society while taking a constructive attitude to tackle challenging problems. It is possible to make politics beneficial for individuals, and its principal goal of improving the quality of life is admirable.

A campus located at the GeorgetownUniversity, students meet people who have values, backgrounds and goals that are diff. from their own personal expectations and values. The process of interfacing with people with diverse perspectives isn’t easy. However engaging in conversations with people with different views can help build a sense of comprehension. Only through an ongoing dialogue that we can create an atmosphere that is based on values common to all.

On campus , we realized that the epicenter of politics is located at Georgetown Institute for Public Service and Politics. It provides a place that allows students from a variety of backgrounds in politics to study and develop, the Institute has opened the doors to a world which is more peaceful.

GU Politics provides behind-the-scenes access to the daily activities that the Federal government. For instance, staff members have hosted famous politicians, such as the ex-Secretary of StateHillaryClinton to Georgetown, as well as hosting small-scale discussions that are informal, as one that the staff hosted with an ex-colleague of GU Politics Sen. Doug Jones (D-Alabama). In addition to inviting professional guests, GUPolitics teaches the students of Georgetown what life in the political world can be like. Institute gives practical advice regarding career options within the office, including Career Panels and Fellows as well as seminars on lobbying and advocacy. Students had learn specific strategies, and are able to are taught how to ask difficult questions related to politicaljournalism, and also how to deal with Facebook ads. The different programs taken together are what make the Institute an ideal location to get involved in political debate as well as a way to enter an array of political activities for a lot of students.

From a state that is classified as one of the states that swings, Arizona, Anya had joined the GUPolitics fellows team to become a part of a group that is politically active. Conversations with the Republican students helped her comprehend the complexity of cybersecurity policy. However, conversations with Democrats have resulted in Anya to rethink the idea of reforms to police. This type of discussion that is bipartisan pushed Anya to rethink her opinions regarding to test her boundaries and range of policies until she changed her political affiliation between Independent to Democrat.

Before joining GUPolitics, Anya had little or no prior experience in politics or within publicservice. She viewed the politics as a singular endeavor that was limited to electoral mandates and campaigns which Anya would not like to participate in. But, his interaction with fellow policymakers and peers has made him realize that the realm of politics encompasses more than it’s about advocacy media lobbying, journalism, and many other things. It’s something that is a public good. Conversations in between the lines that substituted political debates that had led to this realization. GUPolitics showed him that the human spirit is far superior to politics.

Like Anya or anyone else living in Georgetown, Brady, a Republican from New York, has seen both the worst and the best that politics can offer. In one instance, Brady spoke with another student with a father who was involved with the justice system both on and off the court, and, through these discussions, Brady came to realize how important it was to address the issues that confront those who have been imprisoned and who wish to be accepted back into society and to be member of the the society. .

In the past, while Brady worked for groups that are involved in the process of making policy, Brady saw firsthand the impermanence of cynicism, self-interest, and self-interest that are prevalent in politics in the present. It’s like a dark place. But it isn’t. Brady has seen how individuals who were dedicated and caring can make a positive impact on our politicalsystem. If we are looking to be a blessing to others, then each of us is required to participate in the political realm.

It is highly unlikely that politics can be the sole solution to social issues, nor is it the only solution to to stop the polarization of our country. However, it might offer the prospect of a better future. If we take part in the political debate with open mind, there is a chance to join together to help marginalized and under-served communities and provide many opportunities for people to build lasting friendships.

BradyMarzen is a senior in the School of ForeignService. AnyaWahal is a junior at the School of Foreign Service.


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