San Antonio Republican Will Hurd wants to revive American politics


The former Republican congressman from San Antonio was once touted as “the future of the GOP,” but he later left public office in 2020.

Hurd says pragmatic idealism is the way forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century and tackle the “seismic problems facing a country in crisis”.

Now Hurd is back with a political playbook for how to unlock the gears of democracy, revamp the GOP, and tackle the “earthquake issues facing a country in crisis.”

He says the Republican Party must present Americans with a ‘principled vision of the future’, elect honest leaders who inspire rather than sow fear, and prioritize bipartisanship and inclusiveness to address challenges of the 21st century.

What are Hurd’s suggestions for bridging the partisan divide in Congress and across the country, and restoring Americans’ confidence in the election results?

What are the biggest challenges facing the United States and what is Hurd’s plan to address them?

Is Hurd still the future of the Republican Party? Will he run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024?

Guest: Hurdformer Republican congressman and CIA officer, and author of “American Reboot: An Idealistic Guide to Doing Great Things

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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, March 30.


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