“South Asia” wants the return of Kohinoor? An American media receives a geography lesson on a tweet


Shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the word “Kohinoor” started spreading on Twitter in India. Following the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, demand to bring the Kohinoor diamond back to India has been revived on social media platforms. Interestingly, while some Twitter users seemed to be making serious pleas about Kohinoor’s return, others seemed to be joking.

However, as the question of whether India will ever get back its Kohinoor diamond from the British Empire remains a hot topic, a new debate has been sparked on social media platforms after an American social media outlet claimed shared the image of the Kohinoor Diamond embedded in the crown made for Queen Elizabeth’s mother with a caption saying, “The Kohinoor Diamond is an ’empire trophy’. South Asians want it back.”

Following the American media‘s message that South Asians want their Kohinoor back, the Indians could not keep calm and started giving geography lessons to the media saying, “India is a country and Kohinoor belonged to us, not all of South Asia. .”

Indian director and screenwriter Vivek Agnihotri was also one of the Twitter users who responded to the US outlet saying, “Someone has to tell uneducated Americans that India is a country and Kohinoor belongs to us, not all South Asia”.

Besides Agnihotri, another Twitter user under the same caption slammed US media for saying the diamond belonged to South Asia. Several social media users also took to the comment sections of the US outlet’s post and said, “First of all, this is India, not South Asia.” One wrote: “It’s ‘our’ and they ‘stole’ us. We want it back, along with the $45 trillion they stole during their brief stay in India for over 100 years. Thanks !


Twitterati calls for Kohinoor’s return to India

As the Queen passed away last week, the first thing to make the rounds on Twitter in India was “Kohinoor”. A Twitter user shared a scene from the Bollywood movie Doom 2 in which Hrithik Roshan was seen in a museum acting as a statue before stealing the diamond. “Me at Buckingham Palace as they prepare for the Queen’s funeral. #Kohinoor,” he wrote.

“Indians are trying to get Kohinoor after the death of the queen,” another user wrote. “Hrithik Roshan on his way to collect our heera, moti, Kohinoor from the British museum in India,” a third user posted.

Some have even shared funny movie scenes to depict how the Indians are discussing and planning to reclaim Kohinoor after Queen Elizabeth’s death.


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