The acute polarization of American politics continues to sow trouble around the world


The Federal Bureau of Investigation searched Mar-a-Lago, a residence of former US President Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida on Monday.

The significance of the law enforcement department’s action isn’t based solely on the subject matter of the search, numerous pages of classified documents Trump allegedly brought with him to the property when he left the White House. in January of last year, but the timing and the possible consequences. of this decision, as it will inevitably influence the midterm elections in November.

Republicans — though no longer the monolithic ensemble they seemed before the Capitol Hill riot — have been pressured to regroup, accusing Democrats of conducting a “political witch hunt” and calling the investigation of “political persecution” typical of an authoritarian regime.

Some Republican members of Congress have even threatened revenge by conducting a series of investigations against Democrats if the Republican Party regains control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections as scheduled.

If that’s not enough, protests by staunch Trump supporters outside Mar-a-Lago after Trump’s high-profile disclosure of the research, in which they called for ‘civil war coming to America’, are expected to sound the alarm that the aggressive populism and anti-intellectualism that Trump unleashed in his presidency will once again dominate the American political system.

Democrats tried to dodge the attacks by adopting a “less talk, less hassle” strategy and dithering over the incident. US President Joe Biden’s spokesman said he was unaware of the search, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she did not know until the incident is reported.

Trump himself sought to exploit the incident by issuing a tirade against “political persecution” against him and calling on his supporters to raise funds for him on Monday night.

All of this further aggravates the polarization in the United States.

Polls show Republicans very likely to take control of the House of Representatives as skyrocketing inflation in the United States, technical recession in the US economy and the quagmire of the Ukraine crisis are all blamed on the Biden administration, even though many of its policies are a continuation of those of the Trump administration.

Regardless of the outcome of the midterm elections, the deepening polarization of American politics will continue to wreak havoc on the rest of the world by manufacturing division, confrontation, mistrust and crisis. China Daily


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