The public is halfway to Donald Trump’s US private media


This is one of the unintended consequences of Donald Trump leaving the White House. The US national media have let their viewers and readers down for weeks following the start of a permanent event called Donald Trump.

News channel CNN is reporting a steep drop, with more than half of its viewers rising in the “first hour” (8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.) from January to March, according to Nielsen data. Cabinet. Its rivals MSNBC and Fox News perform well, but show a decline despite editorial lines: first anti-Trump, then. On the press side, the New York Times lost nearly 20 million personal viewers in the United States between January and February, and the Washington Post, nearly 30 million, according to data from ComScore.

“There is still a big disaster going on that has to keep people in front of their screens. “, That is, epidemiology observes Adam Sierra, professor of communication at Hartford University in Connecticut. According to him, the drops of the public show it “People were more interested in the news about President Trump than in what is happening today.”.

The former head of state, who now lives in Florida, has made a few appearances and given several interviews since his departure. Having lost his official activities and his Twitter account, he is no longer the site that made him the permanent center of media attention.

According to Tob Bergowitz, professor of political communication at Boston University, the media has been beset by differences between Donald Trump, his taste for controversy and his unpredictability, and Joe Biden, “A boring boy”, Volontly took the opposite view of its predecessor in its communications.


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