The Vatican is writing American law.


Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, I attacked the six judges who did it because they imposed their religious law on all Americans. Six of the seven Catholic judges submitted all American women to the rules of the Catholic Church. As such, my outrage as a Jew has been strident.

Some people on social media have responded to my anger by accusing me of anti-Catholic bigotry, even going so far as to pass off my admiration for Judge Sotomayor’s exceptionalism in this decision as an assertion that she is somehow sort of an exceptional Catholic rather than an exceptional Catholic Supreme. Justice of the Court on this particular decision.

One person tweeted me with “Stop with the anti-Catholic talking points. Just. Stop. This!!”

But these are not anti-Catholic talking points. Rather, they are contemporary justices of the Supreme Court talking points. Six Court Catholics have just imposed the law of the Church on the American people. They made the Court into a Synod, sweeping away the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and in doing so looked more like servants of the Vatican than servants of the American people.

Because a pregnant woman, regardless of her religion, can no longer escape the dangers and rigors of pregnancy, labor, childbirth and often single motherhood, she is a reproducer because six Catholic judges reduced the greatest democracy in the world to a theocracy.

When I was 12, my father left the Republican Party to support Kennedy. He continued to teach me about the anti-Catholic bigotry of the time and the suspicion of Kennedy that this bigotry fueled. JFK’s brilliant speech in Houston in October 1960 revealed the irrationality of such a suspicion. Because his moral compass was so visible, much of that suspicion was swept away.

These Catholic judges scoffed at Kennedy’s decency and deeply understood Jefferson’s “separation wall” which our founders considered (dare I say it?) sacred.


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