U.S. media readership has plummeted since Trump left


Escape but the trials that held Donald Trump in the White House have exploded into viewers of TV stations and newspaper headlines. However, the latter suffered a severe setback when Joe Biden became President of the United States.

While Donald Trump’s resignation was hailed by the American media, there was of course one thing he wanted to do to stay out of the presidency: tap viewers. Indeed, American television channels and newspapers have seen their viewers and readers decline since the Republican Party left the White House last January.

An event illustrated by the arrival of the new president, Joe Biden, is less controversial, more sensible than his predecessors and does not want to drop shocking phrases.

CNN will take over

First victim of this trademark: the popular news channel CNN lost more than half of the viewers who flew into the queen’s lodge on “Prime Time” (8:30 p.m.-10 p.m.) from January to the first half of March. To the firm’s data Nielsen.

If rivals MSNBC and Fox News are successful, they too will undergo a change of leadership: the first anti-Trump (-26%) and the second pro-Trump (-6%) – both resuming his presidency – all back down. both. in five weeks.

Big blow for the New York Times and the Washington Post

The American press is still not doing well: the New York Times The site lost nearly 20 million individual visitors to the United States between January and February. Even worse Washington Post, He lost 30 million, according to data from ComScore. the Refers to the precious American newspaper Between January and February 2021, it saw a 26% drop in personal visitors and a 7% drop from last year. For its part New York Times Between February and February 2020, traffic fell by 16%.

This departure of American observers and readers marks the end of an intense presidential campaign, in the context of the health crisis, with gradual disappearance with vaccinations, and marked by the Capitol and violence in January. The transition between the two presidents.

“We did this during a very serious time (…) and this message was essential to our lives,” laments Mark Lukashevich, dean of the School of Communication at Hofstra University. “These (health) problems haven’t gone away today, but things are starting to calm down.”

The Trump order is very beneficial for the American media

Donald Trump can no longer rely on social networks to address his constituents. Thus, the American media can no longer respond to the many evasion actions tweeted by the millionaire.

However, the country’s major media groups can thank the public for what Donald Trump has provided in recent years. After all, before entering the real estate mogul campaign, CNN’s viewership doubled from 2014, while MSNBC’s number tripled.

Although Fox News lost Donald Trump – his order favored them at the end of One America News Network (OAN) and Newsmax – he has lost just a few percentage points of viewership since January.

Trump’s return is expected soon

As for the national dailies, they took advantage of this good period to accelerate their digital transformation and have now tested their new model, which is mainly based on online subscriptions. the New York Times It has doubled its subscriber portfolio (from 3 to 7.5 million), which should not be affected by the written reviews crisis. the Washington post Won 3 million in previous order.

However, the former US president wants to regain a foothold in the public debate. Donald Trump’s advisor announced a few days ago that he was preparing his comeback, expected within three months, and with “his own site” without giving details.

“He has an enormous capacity to raise funds and a great influence within the Republican Party”, recalled Mark Lukashevich. “If he decides to put them at the service of a medium, that will weigh at least in a short time.”

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