US law professor calls India S*** Hole and names Brahmins


philadelphia cream: In an incident that can be called both shocking and racist, Amy Wax, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, made more inflammatory comments on a national conservative talk show on Friday in which she criticized the immigrants who are critical of the United States, reported Inquirer from Philadelphia.Also Read – India COVID-19 Travel Update: 5 States Where Coronavirus Cases Are Rising, Plan Your Trip Accordingly!

“There’s just an enormous amount of resentment and shame from non-Western people against Western people for Western people’s outsized accomplishments and contributions,” Wax told political commentator Tucker Carlson on Fox. “It’s really unbearable.” Also Read – US Treasury Secretary Warns Countries ‘Indifferent’ to Russia Sanctions

Wax criticized the Asian and South Asian Indian physicians at Penn Medicine, who she said “are on the ramparts of the anti-racism initiative to dump on America”, pointing to the Brahmin women of India. Read also – Believed dead, Buxar man from Bihar returns after 12 years in Karachi prison

“That’s the problem,” she said. “They are taught that they are better than everyone else because they are elite Brahmins and yet on some level their country is an asshole. They have realized that we have surpassed and outclassed them in every way of sight. They feel anger. They feel envy. They feel shame. It creates ingratitude of the most monstrous kind.

Reacting to Wax’s rants, Neil Makhija, a lecturer from Penn Law who is also the executive director of Indian American Impact, a national civic and political organization in South Asia, said: ‘It’s just a bit sad when you have someone so stupid on the faculty of one of the best law schools in the country,” the report said.

But, he said, Wax was right about one thing — American Indians care about racial equity.

Amy Wax has been enraging people for years with her comments. She questioned the academic abilities of black students and said in December that the country would be better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration. Penn has condemned her statements in the past and in 2018 removed her from teaching required classes, but invoked academic freedom in refusing to fire her, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

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