US media associations called for the value of professional journalism in the digital ecosystem


Through a public declaration, the international associations and the three Americas, which bring together 40,000 media in 13 countries, invited to promote professional journalism inside of digital ecosystem and demanded “fair and reasonable” remuneration for the publication of journalistic content in the digital platforms.

“The revenues that have funded professional journalism are absorbed by intermediaries who concentrate more than 80% of global digital advertising,” said the entities – including ADEPA – and assured that “the sustainability of journalism is threatened”.

Under the name of “All America Media we call to defend the value of professional journalism in the digital ecosystem”, 18 associations which bring together more than 40,000 media from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, assured that “it is essential that abusive practices are avoided in the digital advertising market”.

In this sense, the entities urged “supranational organizations and countries in the region to put on the agenda and prioritize the vital issue of value of journalistic content on digital platforms, ensuring the conditions for fair and reasonable compensation by the latter ”.

“Journalistic media has more audiences than ever before, but the revenues that funded professional journalism are being absorbed by middlemen who account for over 80% of global digital advertising,” the groups said, while noting that despite the fact that the contents are valued by the public, essential for the information of society and vital for the health of democracy, “the sustainability of journalism is in danger”.

Faced with this situation, the entities insisted that digital platforms “remunerate the media for the use they make of their content and from which they derive strong direct and indirect benefits“And also called for” globally consistent approaches to enforce a law based on both intellectual property and antitrust regulations. “

It is essential to avoid abusive practices in the digital advertising market, where platforms are both arbiter and main players“, Indicated the entities and asked that” extreme attention be paid to the issue of algorithms, which condition the distribution of content and its arrival in society. “

“Recent initiatives by companies like Google and Facebook to pay media outlets in certain countries for content licenses are valuable. But we believe that these programs are not yet the fair and comprehensive response the industry needs, ”added the groups.

So they concluded: “We must promote a healthy and balanced digital ecosystem, in which the opacity of algorithms does not ultimately decide what information is relevant to a person or a company, and where disinformation can be fought with professional and quality journalism. For this, sustainable means are necessary, which receive the value they generate for the benefit of the community ”.

The signatory organizations are: Inter-American Press Association (SIP), World Association of News Editors (WAN-IFRA), Ibero-American Telecommunications Organization (OTI), Grupo de Diarios América (GDA), International Radio Broadcasting Association (AIR), Canadian News Media (NMC, Canada), Information Media Alliance (NMA, United States), MX Media Alliance (Mexico), Honduran Media Association (AMC, Honduras), Jamaica Media Association (MAJ, Jamaica), Dominican Society of Newspapers ( SDD), Dominican Republic), News Media Association (AMI, Colombia), Ecuadorian Association of Newspaper Publishers (AEDEP, Ecuador), Peruvian Press Council (CPP, Peru), National Association of Newspapers (ANJ, Brazil ), National Press Association (ANP, Bolivia), National Press Association (ANP, Chile) and Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA, Argentina).


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