US media try to cover up the evidence on Philadelphia: ex-Senate candidate



TEHRAN – A former candidate for the US Senate has said that the mainstream US media are trying to cover up the facts about a large number of criminal and violent cases.

“The mainstream American media wants to hide the evidence of Philadelphia and these other crime-ridden cities and how the violence really is out of hand,” Mark Dankof told The Tehran Times.

About two weeks ago, a woman was raped while on a train near Philadelphia, when the runners preferred to watch, not intervene and not calling the police.

A man who authorities identified as Fiston Ngoy sat next to a woman around 10 p.m. on a westbound train on the Market-Frankford line to 69th Street Transportation Center.

“Ngoy tried to touch her on several occasions,” said Andrew Busch, spokesperson for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, known as SEPTA.

Despite the massive outrage of the American public towards this crime and other criminal matters, the mainstream media in the United States appears reluctant to address the very roots of criminal acts in the country.

“These towns are ruled by Democratic Party administrations committed to Marxist racial theories, an interpretation of police misconduct refuted by Heather MacDonald’s analysis of FBI crime statistics, police shootings, and racial / demographic analysis of these events for the Wall Street Journal which belies their narrative, especially since the George Floyd affair in Minneapolis ”, argues Dankof.

Here is the text of the interview:

What are the implications of the Philadelphia rape case for American society?

The implications are monstrous, both in terms of the real danger of random acts of physical assault, aggravated rape and premeditated murder, not only in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and here in San Antonio among larger cities. , but also in small towns and American suburbs.
The cowardly, odious and callous non-involvement of a massive group of witnesses on the train to such a horrific act, remaining unmoved and unwilling to defend the victim in this case, is infuriating.

“Violent criminals are often multiple repeat offenders. “What was the public reaction to the rape of the woman on the Pennsylvania train?

Outrage among any decent person of any demographic or political background has certainly occurred, but where are the massive political protests in Philadelphia and across the country as a result of extensive media coverage? They are non-existent. Why? Because the sad fact is that the mainstream media in the United States is only interested in covering such events, as well as planned protests, when circumstances play into their false narrative that racial groups commit disproportionate acts of a such criminality, even because this same medium, in collaboration with the George Soroses of the world, promotes the idea that firearms should not be legally held by citizens trained to defend themselves in such situations. I almost had to legally shoot a criminal here in San Antonio on Columbus Day in 2015, beating an unconscious woman in my apartment parking lot. A toddler’s life was also at stake. I was on Bluetooth communication with the San Antonio Police dispatcher as I left my apartment with a 1911 Colt .45 ACP model. I want to make this point: by their own admission, the police told me over the phone that they could not arrive for 20 to 30 minutes from our local San Antonio police substation on Jones Maltsberger. Where were the Philadelphia police on the train in the recent rape case? Nowhere. A gun in the hands of a trained and honest citizen on the train would have made the difference. Your readers can access the story about it on Vkontakte:

Another point: America’s mainstream media wants to hide the obvious about Philadelphia and those other crime-ridden cities and how the violence really is out of hand. These towns are ruled by Democratic Party administrations committed to Marxist racial theories, a variant of police misconduct refuted by Heather MacDonald’s analysis of FBI crime statistics, police shootings and the racial / demographic analysis of these events for the Wall Street Journal which belies their account. , especially since the George Floyd affair in Minneapolis.

American society is so tolerant of gender-based violence. Why? How did he get so used to the suffering of people?

These same leftists in the United States do not want any connection between the attitudes of American society and the devaluation of innocent human life since the infamous Roe v Wade affair on the abortion issue in January 1973. Worse yet, as l ‘Boyd Cathey pointed out for LewRockwell, much of the American left, including the establishment of the Democratic Party, joined the neoconservatives who hijacked the Republican Party, in supporting the wars of the American Empire for “the democracy and human rights ”, while the fact is that these efforts have killed millions of innocent people with Zionism, globalism, the theft of natural resources and the maintenance of the global central banking establishment and status. reserve currency of the US dollar are the real reasons for the mass murders and endless military interventions and surrogate wars leading to the real possibility of a third world war e. The same society that promotes the mass murder of unborn children through abortion and Empire Wars is the same society that demonstrates its ungodliness on the streets of American cities and suburbs.

Is there a legal mechanism to elevate social responsibility, prompting members of society to intervene when faced with a criminal case?

Legal possession and trained use of a weapon rooted in the US Second Amendment when human life is threatened and the police are not present is one mechanism.

The return of the United States to policies that support the traditional family is another.

Finally, violent criminals must be taken out of service once and for all when they are apprehended and duly convicted of a crime. The death penalty or life imprisonment without parole is the only legitimate option.

How do you rate US laws when it comes to crimes like rape or murder? Is there a will among policy makers and legislators to reduce crime rates?

I have no hope on this point. Violent criminals are often multiple repeat offenders. It must end. The liberalism of American laws that attempt to advocate for the mitigation of circumstances surrounding crimes like the Philadelphia one must be rejected by an indifferent American public, and political leaders distorted by leftist ideology who bow to racial and Marxist constituencies must be abandoned. At the same time, the sexual and drug revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s in the United States must be dismissed as a result of their carcinogenic and metastasizing effects on the population of this country. Putin, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian people are increasingly united against what has happened in America in particular and in the Western world in general, and with total justification. I pray that they hold the line.

As for the United States, it may be too late.



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