Weil ranked among the most innovative North American law firms in 2021 by FT


Weil was recognized among the firms selected in the category “Most Innovative Law Firm – Practice of Law” in the 2021 FinancialTimes North America Innovative Lawyers Report, released today. The post highlighted how “North American law firms have experienced an extraordinary pandemic. Most large commercial enterprises have experienced skyrocketing customer demand, increased productivity, and record revenue and profitability. »

Additionally, Elizabeth S. Weiswasser, Co-Head of Weil’s Patent and Life Sciences Litigation Practice, was recognized among her distinguished peers in the “Most Innovative Legal Practitioner” category. The FinancialTimes noted his instrumental role in pivoting the firm’s patent litigation practice to focus on life sciences, as well as the growth and success the firm has seen in the practice area. The profile also highlighted, “Clients praise Weiswasser’s ability to build a team that is diverse in skills and includes underrepresented groups.”

The firm was also recognized in the “Innovation in Salvage and Recovery” category for its innovative work advising AMC on its restructuring and capital raising efforts. The FinancialTimes reported “AMC, one of the world’s largest movie theater chains, took advantage of the boom in retail stock trading in June by relying on market stock offerings to avoid a restructuring ahead of the courts,” commenting that it is “normally a risky way for a bankrupt company to raise capital. The profile then noted how Weil “worked with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to obtain regulatory approval of the plan and negotiated significant concessions from the owners of the cinema chain”.


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