Wiretapping is nothing new for US media


Since Friday, August 5, when, out of nowhere, the news of the telephone tapping of the then candidate for the presidency of KINAL-PASOK was made public, I have not stopped looking in the major American newspapers possible coverage of the event.

I thought at least one of the major New York newspapers, i.e. The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal would run the story – at least inside, if not on the front page.

If not those newspapers, then maybe one of the tabloids like the New York Post or the Daily News.

The subject is “disturbing”, it is espionage, eavesdropping, etc.

So I keep checking their websites and print editions and…nothing.

The exception is the Washington Post, although apart from yesterday’s short and poorly written text, it says nothing new.

That’s true so far. Of course, this can change from minute to minute.

Maybe tomorrow one of these newspapers will publish a long, well-placed article – but logically, it should have been done already.

What should I attribute this to? Firstly, that those responsible for the international information service assess the story from the proper perspective and on the basis of the measures taken by the Greek Prime Minister so far, they do not find it newsworthy and they do not want not bother their staff or their readers with it.

And, secondly, they seem to be influenced by the image they have of Mitsotakis.

They realize that the image of this impressive Prime Minister who addressed Congress is not consistent with the image that Tsipras tries to give him.

The image Tsipras is trying to create is not consistent with the image of a prime minister who has weathered one crisis after another successfully.

This is already the case with public opinion in Greece.


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